Carousel Ultimate – Advanced WordPress Plugin (Sliders)

Carousel Ultimate WordPress is a very effective WordPress Carousel plugin which allows you to make nice looking Image carousel with responsive layouts and customizable styles. It’s very easy to use & manage everything via options page. Need some simple step to create your Carousel.


<li>Responsive Layout.</li>
    <li>Clean Design &#38; Code.</li>
    <li>Support Multiple Column.</li>
    <li>11 Unique Style.</li>
    <li>Display Carousel By Category.</li>
    <li>Order By (author, date, title, modified, random).</li>
    <li>Order (ascending, descending).</li>
    <li>Image height option.</li>
    <li>Show/Hide Caption.</li>
    <li>Caption Background color.</li>
    <li>Caption Text color.</li>
    <li>Caption Font Size.</li>
    <li>Caption Text Align.</li>
    <li>Show/Hide Permalink.</li>
    <li>Show/Hide Lightbox.</li>
    <li>Overlay color option.</li>
    <li>Icon color option.</li>
    <li>20+ Carousel Options.


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